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“Thank you, Phyllis. And many hugs and thanks for your amazing and persevering work to make our workshop the great success that it was!”

Margaret Dempsey-Colson, Executive Director

Baptist Communicators Association

“Phyllis was a hard worker who often went the extra mile to benefit the Seminary and its mission. We appreciated her positive approach to problem-solving and her willingness to work through complex problems involving our multiple programs spread across our five campus system. We continue a positive relationship with her and recommend her for employment in any setting suitable for her skill set.”

Jeff Iorg, President

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“Phyllis, we are glad you have joined the GGBTS Team. I constantly hear from employees regarding their appreciation of you, your manner, and professional level of work. In the time you have been with us, you have earned the respect and confidence of the entire Seminary system. Your ethics, competence and diligence to the tasks are beyond reproach. I think I can speak for the other team members when I say that we are very proud to serve with you!”

Tom Jones, Vice President for Advancement

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“I am so thankful for the guidance Phyllis gave me through Golden Gate Academy’s website re-design process! She has an amazing eye for detail and a high level of excellence in her work that is directly reflected in our new website. She is incredibly organized and kept me updated on due dates and other important tasks that needed to be completed. I highly recommend Phyllis for any project management, marketing, and public relations needs you have!”

Christi Zerbst, Director

Golden Gate Academy

“Nice job! I received the GGA [Golden Gate Academy] brochure for the Playground Improvement Project today. It looks great! Did you have an outside firm help with this or did you do this in-house? In any event, as someone who works with a lot of nonprofits, I see a lot of these materials – some well done, some not so – and this looks very well done to me. Good work. Rick and I would be pleased to make a gift. We’ll discuss it and let you know what level.”

A Golden Gate Academy family

“Phyllis Evans and Evans PR managed the public relations efforts for the Left Bank brasseries from 1997 to 2005. Phyllis developed the PR strategies that fueled strong openings at our Menlo Park and Pleasant Hill restaurants.

During the time that we worked together, Phyllis worked tirelessly to promote the Left Bank brand and trade name. She successfully achieved favorable media placement in numerous local and regional publications, television and radio spots, on-line sites and national trade publications.

Phyllis has been a strong contributor to our business and we thoroughly recommend her services.”

Edward Levine, Restaurateur & Co-Owner

Left Bank and Vine Solutions

“Phyllis is super to work with, because she listens to us and takes appropriate action. I appreciate that she devotes great attention to detail and does a thorough job following up. She thinks of creative, cost effective ways to market our concept. She really helped boost RVBC’s awareness in the marketplace by creating a “name” for our chef and getting us into several local publications as well as national restaurant guides.”

Michele Kimpton Co-owner

Ross Valley Brewing Company

“I was nearly broke when I started working with Phyllis Evans. Within a year, with her assistance, my folding motorbike business became quite successful, and continues to grow. Because of this success, I approached her to develop the image, brand, marketing and PR for several other products I developed including the TravelScoot, the WingWalker, and the NavPad.”

Hardy Huber, President

Di Blasi of America, Inc.

“Phyllis is a self-starter and takes on a project 100%. She keeps clients well-informed and current about all progress and media contacts, and is enthusiastic, diplomatic, and very conscientious. I appreciated her many useful professional contacts, and her good eye for a professional package and presentation, while keeping our budget in mind. She is patient with challenging personality issues, uses ingenuity and is creative. She is reliable, dependable and always follows through on commitments. She is enthusiastic and eager to get to work!”

Pamela Bousquet, Co-Owner

Restaurant Mirepoix

“Phyllis, you’re terrific! Many thanks for your outstanding services: thorough proposal and execution, timely status reports, proactive follow-up, concern for budget, and excellent results in the print media targeted.”

Abby Herget, Vice President and Design Director

Deepa Textiles

“Phyllis has a unique ability to listen to technical information and transform it into easily understood message points. Her skill and writing style made complex issues understandable and resulted in a public presentation and press kit that was read and used. The program Phyllis developed to publicize Fair, Isaac’s community meetings and prepare for site work caught the interest of the local press and the business publications as well. We’re very pleased with the results she achieved.”

Stephen Gale, Senior Project Manager

Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc.

“Beginning with our initial consultation on through the completion of the project, you delivered on every aspect. You respected my parameters including budget and timetable, and kept my best interests at the forefront of the engagement. I appreciate the frequent updates, trust your professional recommendations, and am very satisfied with the local public relations management. I am pleased to refer your services to others.”

Tom Dicker, Former Executive Director


“A sincere ‘Thank You’ for all your hard work. A list of appropriate adjectives to describe you and your efforts would include: energetic, creative, flexible, determined, enthusiastic, dedicated, articulate, successful, congenial, productive. . . a great ‘can-do’ attitude!”

Grace Holley, Civic Center Visitor Administrator

Marin County Civic Center

“It’s been truly a terrific experience working with you on the PR for my book. Your persistence and excellent follow-up with all the publications has really helped to get us successful results.”

Elaina Zuker, Author

The Seven Secrets of Influence

“Phyllis is experienced in PR. She knows how to approach and work with editors for the best results. She is very responsible: she does what she says she’s going to do and her follow through is first rate. Phyllis is flexible. She is able to weave her own ideas with a client’s. She is cooperative and a good ‘team player.’”

Paul Erickson, President

Erickson Strategic Retreat Management

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did on the Kiddo! Birthday Bash. It was an enormous boost to open the papers and read about our event on a regular basis. You are a real gem!”

JoAnne Zavlaris, Birthday Party Chair


“I’d like to acknowledge that our packed house can be attributed to the fine job that Phyllis Evans did in capturing the benefits of Expo, and I’d like to thank her for all our press coverage.”

Suzanne Dunwell, Executive Director

Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Thanks for all your hard work and good writing. You always come through for me! (Referring to the monthly Business Profiles in the Chamber newspaper)”

Suzanne Dunwell, Executive Director

Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce

“I can never express to you how much your contributions to the Milleys meant to me and to all of us. You made the “difference” many times. Especially your efforts in helping us obtain our first ever logo. That was a game changer.”

Trubee Schock, Milley Awards co-founder and public relations/communications professional

Member, Milley Awards Board of Directors

“You’re not only conscientious, you’re also very creative! I appreciate that you took the time to do research on our product’s industry and relative applications. You found the competitive edge that makes The Komfort Grip newsworthy. And I’m especially impressed with your dedication. You give us more than 100%!”

Linda Lipton, Vice President Marketing

Acuity/The Komfort Grip®

“Phyllis’ work got me results. Two articles in our local newspapers and the phone is still ringing! Working with Phyllis has been very productive and professional.”

George Guess, President and CEO

The Garden Club

“I find Phyllis to be personable, efficient, thorough and creative. She is enterprising, yet implements ideas only after input from us. She is a valuable team member…and she gets results!”

Jeannie Cullen, CFO

RELICT® Memorials

“Phyllis’ services have allowed me to concentrate on my own projects, knowing that our promotional work is proceeding. We have received remarks from many people on the articles they have seen published, which are due to Phyllis’ efforts.”

Bill Cullen, President

RELICT® Memorials

“Thank you so much for your article in the Independent Journal about the Children’s Garden Harvest Sale. We, the Garden Advisory Board, were both surprised and delighted at the presentation.”

Mary Bantley, Greeting Garden Advisor

Edna Maguire School

“Your writing is clear and concise. Because of your ability to summarize and clearly explain this complex topic, this brochure has become a valuable tool in my presentation.”

Eric Arnow, CLU

Northwestern Mutual Life/Baird

“A warm thank you for your well-written Leah Schwartz “Obsessions” article by Phyllis Evans. We are beholden to you. The Artisans Art Fest was packed. It was an apparent success. This article helped. (Letter to the Editor, Mill Valley Magazine)”

Martha Hannon, Publicist

Mill Valley, CA

“I think you are one of the most professional, yet easiest individuals to work with. It always amazes me how nicely the words are composed by you with just a minimum of input.”

Jane Martin, Assistant Vice President/Manager

California Savings and Loan

“We got some good coverage in the Independent Journal, which is an all-time first! Obviously your connections plus tenacity and talent did the trick. Many thanks!”

Joan Deamer, Producer/Director

Mill Valley Middle School Musical

“Thanks for all your efforts this year. They were and are very much appreciated.”

Linda Raker, IBD

Raker Architects

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