Golden Gate Academy’s “Help Build Our Playground”

This was the first brochure (produced in 2010) to be created for this 50-year-old preschool. The purpose was to encourage donations while explaining the playground project, the naming opportunity, and the fundraising program. The increase in donations from those receiving the brochure verified its effectiveness.

One GGA family sent an email after receiving the brochure: “Nice job! I received the GGA brochure for the Playground Improvement Project today. It looks great! Did you have an outside firm help with this or did you do this in-house? In any event, as someone who works with a lot of nonprofits, I see a lot of these materials – some well done, some not so – and this looks very well done to me. Good work. Rick and I would be pleased to make a gift. We’ll discuss it and let you know what level.”

Phyllis wrote the text, collected photos from the GGA archive (which included receiving parental permission), oversaw design and production.